Friday, April 13, 2012

My Response to Doc

I am shocked that someone would put this misleading information out to the community. That Doc would choose today, to compare me to Frank Hague, and suggest that I am a criminal, just shows where his priorities are.  

People write what they want, but I have no respect for people like Doc who are constantly negative and very close to crossing the line.  As hard he tries to show that he is not a true member of the Republican tea party, he really baffles me.  He’s said himself that he’s only a Democrat to participate in our primaries. 

Today, the front page of the Courier reads “Longtime planning board member indicted: Accused of $800,000 in false claims”.  Ken Robertson stated in that article, “every one deserves their day in court” and I agree.  But, if that was me, Doc would contact the Governor and ask him to call on me to resign from office before I even got a day in court.   

Mr. Fuller has been a Planning Board member for 40 years.  In that time there have been many complaints from businesses and developers on the lack of leadership on our zoning and planning boards.  Some decisions the planning and zoning boards’ have made have cost the people of Plainfield thousands of dollars.  This has set this City back.  The problem in Plainfield today is that when individuals are appointed or elected they do what is good for them and not what’s good for the City.  On a day when a longtime member of those boards gets indicted, Doc would rather talk about the Mayor, Council Members, and PMUA.  He spent over a year accusing the mayor of misusing $20,000, yet Mr. Fuller was accused of stealing $800,000 and he does not have anything to say about that at all.  Doc would rather talk about me being a political boss who puts pressure on people to make decisions. 

Enough is enough!  I cannot and do not tell any official that is elected or appointed in the city of Plainfield what to do.  The members of the Plainfield Democratic City Committee are elected by the Democrats of Plainfield at the ballot box.  A majority of them chose me to be the Chairman of that body.  In that role I help select, with the other municipal chairs in this county, which candidates will receive the support of the Union County Democratic Committee.  Whoever wins in June, I support every Democrat come November.  My only role is to get Democrats elected.  If people seek my counsel, I give it to them.  If they don’t, I wish them luck, and support what they do if it’s good for Plainfield.

The Mayor makes appointments, and the Council gives their advice and consent.  Sometimes they ask my opinion.  Most times they do whatever they want.  That’s their right as elected officials.  The people they appoint make up their own mind, and hire who they want.  To suggest that I am running around the City trying to get people patronage jobs or control everything is silly.  I’m serving the people of the 22nd Legislative District, including Plainfield.  You should ask the City Council how those commissioners got there, and how many of their friends got hired.

You find one elected or appointed individual in the city of Plainfield to honestly say I ever told them to do something, forced them to do something.  It’s ridiculous.  It is time that Doc stops making these statements, and if he doesn’t, I’m going to make sure he does not step over the line into libel and slander. Its one thing to criticize an elected official for doing something wrong, but unless you can prove your accusations, you shouldn’t make them.  And they have the same right as anyone else to challenge the false information.
Doc, people like you have set the City of Plainfield back 50 years and I have yet to see you do anything positive for the community.  You have spent far more time trying to destroy my reputation then speak on the good things myself, or others, have done for the City.  It I so obvious that Ray Charles could see that you choose to try to destroy some people’s careers and let others destroy the City without saying a word.

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