Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Is this what it came down to?

After reading some of the blogs, I feel that I have to clarify all the misinformation that is out there that has been put out in the last couple of days.  I thought it would only be fair to put out the correct information.  To start with, I am not involved in the day to day operations in the City of Plainfield. I have made no deals with the Mayor or anyone else pertaining to who he hires or who he fires. In fact, I asked the Council to support who he considers for his department heads so that if something successful comes out of it, the people of Plainfield will appreciate it & if he is not successful, then he has to deal with it. I said it earlier in my blogs, that the Mayor needs the ability to have people around him that he feels can move the City in the right direction. With one exception, I have questioned his appointment of Ron West. The public needs to know that if I question his appointment of Ron West, it is because I felt he did not do a good job for the City in the closing of Muhlenberg. Instead, I was accused of the closure. When in reality, I, as every other citizen, was kept in the dark on the whole issue. I feel that whoever the Mayor puts up as a candidate for his administration, should be allowed to do their job. So for the record, I have not been involved in the decisions that have been made recently in the decision-making of his department heads. Unfortunately, there are people in the community, who love for me to do something that is incorrect. But I like to feel my record speaks for itself. As Party Chair, I have made a lot of decisions for the County of Union, worked with the Freeholders, the County Manager & his administration, when it comes to the interests for the citizens of Plainfield. Plainfield matters to me & always will & Plainfield should matter to the County & the State, which I will make sure it stays this way.

I cannot tolerate a handful of people to make it sound like everything that goes wrong in the City is Jerry Green’s fault. I am very embarrassed by the comments in Dan Damon’s blog. He has been around long enough to know  that before you print something, you should do your homework. I was not involved in handing out free phones this past week in the Twin City parking lot. I normally park my car near Twin City when I am at the Democratic headquarters. What I did tell this group of people is that I was working with the County to seek dollars in order to train these people in need, so that they can get good jobs. This is an issue that I am working with the County head-on, so that more dollars can be added to training & less dollars paid to the administration. Everybody in the County has agreed with me on this. I was there trying to help people on one of the biggest issues in the country, county & local level. I was present with this group on a positive note, not a negative note. I was not badmouthing Mapp, nor did I even mention Mayor Mapp. There was no reason to bad-mouth the Mayor. The Mayor has to deal with whatever decision that he makes. As far as the former Mayor Sharon getting a job, the college has their own board & own President. So whatever decision the college makes, I support. People are talking about helping Sharon, but they are not talking about the millions of dollars the college has agreed in using to upgrade their Plainfield campus. What is priority for Plainfield? Focusing on non-issues or focusing on the ‘real’ issues?

I was shocked by all the negative & nasty blogs out there. When I knew nothing about what the Mayor wanted to do. I only hope that it works out for all those involved. I hope the Mayor now learns from this, that the minute your own supporters do not agree with your decisions, they will try to control you & be the first to throw you under the bus, including Dan Damon. He is a man that was accused of following men in the bathroom & Mayor, you still gave him a chance!  Cory, the same thing, he supposedly stood by you, but the minute you make an important choice in your administration, he threw you under the bus also. Personally, I do not want to comment on his decision, since that is a decision that he has made. Like the decision he has made with Ron West. I only look forward to these decisions resulting in only for the sole benefit of Plainfield & nothing else.

On a last note, I have never made a dime on the City, nor do I depend on the City for donations. I would appreciate that people do not use my kids, because not one of my kids work for the City or are they are involved in any kind of politics & they do not depend on the City. One of my grandkids next year will be graduating as a Doctor. I am proud at the fact that she has been a straight ‘A’ student her whole life. So to bring my kids into this or my grandkids into dirty Plainfield politics, I feel offended. I feel offended that I live amongst people in this City that have no class whatsoever. So I would appreciate that people leave my family & my children out of this. Because when you talk about my family, I feel like you have crossed the line & that is something I will not tolerate from nobody, nor should anyone else have to tolerate this.

I challenge this great City to reflect itself in what is put out there. Challenge a day where the positives of Plainfield are highlighted & where blame games are of the past. Because after everything is said & done, the ball is in everyone’s court on what can be done as a community as a whole & not with walls of decisiveness.