Friday, April 13, 2012

Christie Administration Announces Clark to Receive $273,807 Through Schools Development Authority’s Regular Operating District Grant Program

Furthering the Governor’s commitment to providing the state’s children with safe, modern and efficient schools, the Christie Administration today announced that the New Jersey Schools Development Authority (SDA) has executed six state grants to the Clark Township School District through the SDA’s Regular Operating District (ROD) grant program.

The details for the district grants are as follows:


Frank K. Hehnly Elementary School:  1) Replace boilers and associated equipment; Install automatic supply air dampers.  2) Replace sidewalks; Construct new catch basin to correct drainage problems; Install new curb cuts; Install new canopy and signage at building entrance.

Carl H. Kumpf Middle School:  Boiler replacement

Arthur L. Johnson High School:  1) Install new site and exit lighting at south and west areas of school to increase site safety; Install new asphalt walkway and recondition existing asphalt walkways and curbs to provide accessible paths and site egress.  2) Replace windows in portions of school.

Valley Road Elementary School:  Replace and widen walkways with new asphalt or concrete at building entrance area, at south side of building and at north side courtyard.

State share: $273,807.35
Local share: $410,710.54
Estimated total project cost: $684,517.89

SDA Chief Executive Officer Marc Larkins, in cooperation with the Department of Education, announced the resumption of the grant program in May 2010. Since then, the SDA has executed 810 grants. The state-grant program funds at least 40 percent of eligible costs for projects in the RODs, addressing health and safety issues, student overcrowding and other critical needs.

The Department of Education selects school projects to receive grant funding from the SDA. The State has provided over $245.5 million in grants to local districts since the May 2010 announcement, leveraging projects estimated at a total of $573.4 million. Funding for the program was made available through the sale of $500 million in bonds by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA).

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