Monday, March 26, 2012

Prieto: ‘Real, Reliable & Responsible Property Tax Relief to Middle-Class and Lower-Income New Jerseyans’

(TRENTON) – Assembly Budget Chairman Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) had the following published Friday in The Jersey Journal:

“Everyone supports tax relief, but the key is to make sure, here in New Jersey, that we’re talking about the right kind of tax relief.
“When I get calls and visits to my office, or when people stop me on the street to talk about the issues, they don’t complain about the income tax.
“They complain about the property tax.
“That’s why Assembly Democrats are focused on providing real, reliable and responsible property tax relief to middle-class and lower-income New Jerseyans who have borne the brunt of the governor’s ill-advised policies during the last two years.
“Unlike the governor, whose income-tax plan would once again benefit the wealthy over the middle class, Assembly Democrats are sending vital tax relief to where it’s needed most, with a plan for a 20 percent property-tax relief credit for New Jersey middle-class and lower-income property tax payers.
“The Democratic plan would help more than 95 percent of New Jersey homeowners and provide a maximum property-tax relief credit of $2,000. The average family would be in line to receive a $1,552 credit to help against property taxes, which have soared under Gov. Christie.
“It’s a plan everybody who cares about New Jersey’s middle- and lower-income homeowners should support...”

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