Monday, March 26, 2012

Commited to Kepping a Democratic Majority in the Senate


Republicans are on the march, and if we don’t fight back, they will continue to try to run roughshod over women, the middle class, and seniors.

Whether it’s waging war on women’s civil liberties, engaging in an aggressive, dangerous quest to repeal health care reform, or stripping away the safety net, radical Republicans will do it.

Can you imagine if they had total control of Congress? It would be a nightmare.

The GOP needs to win just four of the 23 seats we’re defending to take control of the Senate. Four seats constitute our last line of defense against a Congress completely controlled by Tea Party Republicans. And polling shows more than four are within the margin of error.

If the DSCC doesn’t meet their end-of-quarter goal and raise $1 million by the crucial March 31 FEC deadline, we may not have the resources we need to beat back the Republicans.
The Republicans are calling on their big guns, like the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove’s special interest groups, but we’ve got the grassroots. We get 95% of our donations from grassroots supporters.

If we don’t stand up in the Senate, it won’t matter who wins the White House. You’ve seen how destructive Republicans in the House have been; a Republican-controlled Senate would do damage to our country that would require decades to undo.

They want to do away with contraception coverage and basic women’s health services. They want to repeal health care reform, taking us back to when millions more were uninsured and providers could drop you when your need was greatest. They want to cut funding for vital programs like Head Start and the Clean Air Act.

And the safety net? It gets in the way of tax breaks for their wealthy donors.

Republicans know they lose on these issues among everyday people. It’s why they’re going state-to-state and passing restrictive voter ID laws; it’s why they’re pumping loads of special interest money into these races.

Don’t let them get away with it. This end-of-quarter FEC deadline is critical. We have to raise $1 million – so much hangs in the balance.

Thank you very much for your support.

Frank Lautenberg

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