Friday, September 16, 2011

NJDSC Chairman Wisniewski Calls on Congress To Pass the American Jobs Act

(Trenton) - This week, President Obama sent the American Jobs Act, important legislation that will help put Americans back to work and strengthen our economy, to Congress.  According to estimates, the American Jobs Act could create 216,000 jobs here in New Jersey.  New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Wisniewski released the following statement calling on Congress to pass President Obama's American Jobs Act:

"The American Jobs Act will create jobs and strengthen our economy by getting Americans back to work to put more money back into the pockets of middle class families and small businesses," said Wisniewski.  "Estimates show that the American Jobs Act could create 216,000 jobs in New Jersey, meaning families could feel more secure, be better positioned to make ends meet, save for their children's education, and support their local businesses.  Congress needs to take action and pass the American Jobs Act now."

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