Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Issues NJ Voters are Facing in the Upcoming November Election

Doing what's best for New Jersey is not a Democratic or Republican issue.  Even as Democrats, we will work with the governor when he is right, but stand steadfast against him when he is wrong.

Democrats have shown how compromise can produce results, as when we worked with the governor to enact a meaningful and workable 2 percent cap on property taxes.

When the governor's positions are wrong for New Jersey -- such as his cuts to education and women's health, and his opposition to asking the wealthiest to share in the sacrifices middle class families are making -- we will stand firmly on the side of taxpayers who bear the burden.


Democrats are committed to jumpstarting New Jersey's stagnant economy the responsible way -- by changing our business climate, providing tax breaks for small businesses, and ensuring workers have access to critical job training.

Democrats passed the largest small-business tax cut in state history, knowing that small businesses are the backbone of our economy and will be the drivers of recovery.

We ended a policy that actually gave out-of-state businesses a competitive advantage over New Jersey-based companies.

Democrats have expanded tax credits for businesses in the growing field of alternative energy, and have put the state in position to be a national leader in wind energy technology and manufacturing.

Businesses grow jobs, not millionaires.  We are committed to helping New Jersey's small business entrepreneurs fuel our economic recovery.


Democrats are working hard to deliver meaningful, lasting property tax relief to all residents.

Democrats worked to enact the new 2-percent cap on property tax increases, and are providing local governments and schools the tools they will need to hold down costs and deliver long-term savings.

Education makes up the biggest part of the property tax bill, and Democrats have fought every one of the governor's cuts to our schools, which has driven up property taxes.  And, this year, it was Democrats who made sure the state budget increased funds for the classroom by $160 million.

Democrats have committed to preserving essential property tax relief for seniors, and invested $60 million to ensure that the popular Senior Freeze program older New Jerseyans rely upon for tax relief can keep its promise.

Over the past two years, New Jerseyans have received less property tax relief than they did in 2009 alone.  Democrats are committed to restoring necessary rebates and credits for middle class families.


Twice Democrats have asked New Jersey's 16,000 millionaires to make the same sacrifices as middle class families, and twice the governor has used his veto to protect the mega-rich.

It is unfair that millionaires pay lower rates than their employees.

While middle class New Jersey is coping with stagnant unemployment and higher property taxes, the Republicans have given millionaires a $40,000 tax break.

Republicans have said for two years that tax cuts for the rich would create jobs.  All we have seen them create is more money for the rich, and not one new job.

Asking the mega-wealthy to pay their fair share would allow Democrats to fully fund schools across the state, taking the burden off property taxpayers.  And we could provide more property tax relief to seniors and the disabled, allowing them to stay in their homes.

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