Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Congratulations! I want to thank all Union County Democrats, especially those here in Plainfield, for the positive results at the polls yesterday. Last night we saw huge victories for the Democratic Party, throughout New Jersey and especially in Union County. At last count, both Cory Booker and Bonnie Watson Coleman won their respective races by 14 percentage points. In our County, the wins were even more impressive.  Booker won in Union County by 33.6 points, and Watson Coleman won by a whopping 40 points.  

In the races within the County, we didn’t just win, we set records. We won the Mayor seat in Rahway by the highest plurality in over 100 years. We gained Democratic leadership for the first time in recent memory in Roselle Park, and had wins across the board in Garwood. A Democrat won the Sherriff seat by a huge margin, as did all of the Freeholders running on the Democratic Ticket. In Linden, I am happy to say that we elected our first African American Mayor, who as Senator Nick Scutari and I clarified in a recent letter to the public, I have supported all the way. The Mayor of Linden will be working alongside a strong Democratic City Council, whose members have joined fellow Democratic City Council persons across the County who celebrated victories yesterday.

Both Cory Booker and Bonnie Watson Coleman called me personally last night to thank me, and all of Union County, for the instrumental role we played in their respective wins. At the Victory Party last night, it was a pleasure to address the crowd and congratulate all Union County Democrats for their hard work. I’m happy to say that everyone in the room looked pleased. Countless individuals expressed how happy they are that their Chairman put forward the money and resources needed so that the Democratic Party can be competitive in all of our 21 towns. The fact of the matter is, I’m taking it to another level. We are one of the strongest Democratic Counties in all of New Jersey.  I have been surrounding myself with the smartest political minds. With those alliances and my strong leadership, everyone knows how crucial Union County is to the overall success of New Jersey.

The numbers we pulled in last night speak volumes about the possibilities for Union County in the future. I thank everyone who has supported me as an elected official and as the Chairman of the Union County Democratic Committee.

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