Monday, August 18, 2014

Appointed vs. Elected

Dan, after reading your blog today on Plainfield Today, I recognize the importance of not involving myself in negative dialogue with anyone in the City. This City has enough problems that are more of a concern to the citizens of Plainfield. I have made it clear not to engage in anything negative. It serves no purpose. I have dedicated myself in the past month to only concentrate on the important issues that that’s facing this City. So my advice to everyone, I am more concerned with the safety of the citizens of Plainfield. I have done this with the support of Union County and the 22nd District and elected officials, in Trenton on key issues. I am committed to working with local, county, state police, from every level of government to ensure the safety of this City. I will make this my top priority.

I find it in my duty to correct misinformation that is out there. Otherwise this misinformation could be taken as truth. To get to the point, Dan, Councilwoman Gloria Taylor was elected in the June primary by voters in the Third Ward. She won this primary, she was not appointed by me as the Chair, she was elected. A man of your caliber should know the difference between getting voted in and getting appointed in.