Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Union County Improvement Authority (UCIA)

After reading Plaintalker II yesterday, I am hoping now that the campaign is over, we can now start moving in a positive direction. The voters in the City of Plainfield have spoken. It is blogs like this that place a negative impact on the City, more than anything else. If these bloggers would print these kinds of blogs in Somerset County, the public there would be in an uproar. We need to hold our community in high regard and not lower it to gutter-style politics. We need to put value in our representations for this great City. So it is time to move on, including the bloggers. If you cannot say anything positive about any elected officials, such as the Mayor, Council members and myself personally, please place that negativity somewhere else, but not in Plainfield. We do not need that here.

I am personally asking today to stop this nonsense and to see this for what it is....nonsense. Plainfield does not need divisiveness, but unity. We need to see all our differences as ‘diversity’. Plainfield is full of diversity and we need to use this to our advantage. We are all going to have different opinions on a variety of issues. This means we need to come together in a constructive manner and realize that we can agree to disagree and take it from there.

I need to make it clear on the issue with the Union County Improvement Authority (UCIA). The comment I am referring to in the Plaintalker II was the following: “Or is the current chairman, Assemblyman Jerry Green, dissing the city as part of his campaign against Mayor Adrian O Mapp? If so, the rest of the population just becomes collateral damage in the political wars”. This comment looks like it belongs in a tabloid, not in one of our Plainfield blogs that professes progressiveness. I was trying to be fair to the County as well as the City. It has taken ten years to get to the point that we are at now with this issue. As time goes on, I will continue to work with the County and the City of Plainfield in the right direction on this matter. I would never punish the city, as these bloggers try to hint at. It is time for the City of Plainfield to stand up and stop participating in this fight, because there is no reason to fight. As representatives of this City, we need to hold ourselves to the standards of the professionals that we are. The voters have given us the opportunity to represent them. We cannot represent them if we are in a constant battle. We see what is going on in the national level with President Obama. We are a Democratic City and County, the torch is on our hands. So now is the time to unite our party and put all our differences to the side. Otherwise, please ask these bloggers, what is their true underlying issue?