Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The NJDSC Week in Review for June 8th,2012

Welcome to the latest installment of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee's week in review. 
Now, here's a look back at some of the news from this past week and some of the upcoming events around the state next week and beyond.  Please share stories that interest you with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!
Jersey Comeback Has New Jersey Ranked 47th out of 50

  • The Bergen Record reported that New Jersey ranks 47th out of 50 among states in terms of economic performance.
  • New Jersey Democratic Chairman John Wisniewski reminded New Jersey voters that Governor Christie keeps talking about a New Jersey comeback but no one in their right mind would call being 4th from LAST a "comeback."
  • If 47 out of 50 seems familiar, that's because it was the abysmal job creation ranking awarded Massachusetts under Governor Mitt Romney, the candidate Governor Christie has been out stumping for around the country.
  • In fact, Christie is out in Illinois to give the keynote address at CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Conference) in Chicago.  While he's there, he'll try to curry favor with members of the extreme right like Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Rick Santorum.
  • We know the Governor is really busy trying to convince Mitt Romney to pick him for VP on the Republican ticket, but New Jersey voters didn't elect him to help raise his national profile, especially since we're still searching for this mythic "Jersey Comeback" he keeps talking about.  We made a video comparing the records of Christie and Romney to illustrate why they're wrong for New Jersey and wrong for America (or as the Romney campaign might say, America).
  • New Jersey Primaries Are Over, Let the General Election Begin!

    • On Tuesday, New Jersey held primary elections throughout the state.  Democrats now have a slate of official candidates for the November General Election.
    • Among the contested primaries, Congressman Bill Pascrell won the Democratic nomination in the 9th Congressional District against Congressman Steve Rothman, and Donald Payne, Jr. beat out a crowded field to run for the seat his late father held.
    • Marie Corfield, a teacher who first became known after challenging Governor Christie at a town hall meeting about the way he speaks about teachers, won the primary to fill the unexpired term in Legislative District 16.
    Republicans Filibuster Paycheck Fairness
    •  Not a single Republican Senator voted to move legislation that would help women close the gap between their paychecks and the checks their male colleagues earn.
    • Senators Frank Lautenberg and Bob Menendez voted for the legislation and decried Republican opposition to helping women close the gender gap in salary.

    • Congressional Corner
      Senator Frank Lautenberg and Senator Bob Menendez announced $544,000 in funds to improve local airports.
    • Senator Frank Lautenberg responded after it was found that the devastating bus accident last year was caused by driver fatigue.
    • Senator Bob Menendez interrogated federal regulators about their failure to fully implement Wall Street Reforms and prevent recent huge losses from JP Morgan.
    • Congressman Frank Pallone applauded the selection of New Jersey as one of seven markets participating in the Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative through the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  The public-private partnership will work to provide more New Jersey residents with high-quality primary care.
    • Congressman Bill Pascrell was congratulated for his primary victory with a phone call from President Barack Obama.
      • Congressman Steve Rothman voiced his support for labor rights and voted for an amendment in support of project labor agreements.
      • Congressman Rush Holt fought to include $20 million in federal funding for suicide prevention in the military funding legislation for 2013. 
      • Congressman Albio Sires announced the winner of his district's Congressional Art Competition: Amy Paraskeva from Bayonne High School, with a photograph entitled, “The Silenced.”
      Under the Dome
      • The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee is considering legislation to increase the penalties for repeatedly driving under the influence (DUI) in New Jersey.  Repeat offenders would face a fine up to $10,000 and potential jail time of up to 18 months.
      • Senator Lesniak's pair of bills aimed at preventing animal cruelty has been passed out of committee and sent for consideration to the full state Senate.
      • Assemblywoman Linda Stender's legislation to impose tougher penalties on those who bring firearms into schools has passed through committee.
      • Senator Richard Codey's legislation to protect the mentally ill from discrimination at emergency shelters has passed the Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee.
      • Senate President Steve Sweeney's legislation to curb the fraudulent use of taxpayer dollars was passed by the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee and is ready for consideration by the full state senate.
      • Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver has been championing legislation to raise New Jersey's minimum wage.  This week, on his way out to Chicago to win over the far right, Governor Christie announced he would not sign the Speaker's legislation.
      • Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg introduced legislation to require New Jersey governors to inform the legislature about out of state travel.  Right now, the governor is only required to inform the lieutenant governor (who serves as acting governor when the governor is out of state).
      • Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald issued a statement about New Jersey's 4th from last ranking in economic performance.



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