Thursday, March 22, 2012

To Set the Record Straight

After reading Doc’s Potpourri "Budget News" I would like to correct his mention that I am against the Governor’s interest in the state investigating the PMUA. To the council member that mentioned that the republican Governor has to come to Plainfield to deal with this particular issue, my response is that after receiving letters from some concerned citizens of Plainfield I decided to call the Governor’s office. I was told that the Governor would be forwarding this letter to the Division of Community Affairs, which I also spoke to a few days ago about this issue. They are currently reviewing all concerns brought to their attention, but a decision has not been made. I doubt the Governor will make any decision until all the facts are put in front of him. In the future Doc, when you give facts make sure that they’re true. When I saw yesterday’s blog I had to comment. I try very hard to accuse no one of wrong doing so they won’t be sued for saying or printing something not true. For the record I didn’t say I was against the Governor coming into Plainfield to investigate any issue.

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