Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DSCC opposes Republican Efforts to Deny Women Coverage


 I can hardly believe this: Republican Senators are pushing legislation that will allow any employer to deny women coverage for birth control! Yes, you read that right. Birth control.

What is wrong with these people? More than 98% of American women use or have used contraception. It saves money, and it saves lives, which is why President Obama wants to make sure every woman has access to this critically important part of health care. The Republicans have proved yet again that they are only interested in defeating President Obama and waging war on women

 This ridiculous legislation will probably come up for a vote this week. I need your help. Will you fight back by joining the One Million Strong for Women campaign?

 Who could have imagined that in 2012 we’d be fighting over access to something as fundamental as birth control? It just shows how extreme these Republican are- and just how crucial it is that we defeat them.

Sen. Patty Murray

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