Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Letter from Clark Superintendent of Schools

Dear Assemblyman Green,

I want to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude and appreciation to you for not only serving as our keynote speaker for the Clark School District Superintendent's Convocation, but for delivering such a powerful and motivational message to all in attendance.

Not a day has gone by since your visit that I have not been stopped in the hallway or visited in my office by a teacher or administrator, commenting on how much they appreciated your words of support and encouragement.  As you know, we have a mix of staff members, some being veteran educators working in their fourth decade in the field, and another cohort who are just starting out in the educational profession.  Both veteran and novice staff were extremely appreciative of your kind words about educators and the tremendous potential they have for making such a positive impact in the lives of children.  Your sharing the influence your high school coach had in your life underscored to all your compassion for the educational profession and the need for children to be exposed to guiding lights, mentors, and role models.  Your comments in regard to your beliefs in public education and support of such were extremely well received as well.

We are extremely fortunate here in the 22nd legislative District to have such a compassionate, caring, and dedicated legislator such as you representing us in the General Assembly.  Thank you again for your ongoing support of our schools.  You can rest assured that your empathetic words to our educators are indelibly etched in their memories as they go about the task of educating the districts' students.


Kenneth J. Knops
Superintendent of Schools

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