Thursday, August 11, 2011

Temporary Relief for Utility Expenses (TRUE)

In March 2011, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities selected the Affordable Housing Alliance (AHA) to administer the $25 million TRUE utility assistance program statewide. In just four months, $1,238,766.24 has already been awarded to 1,410 home owners and occupants from throughout New Jersey who were behind in their utility payments and qualified for the program.

The TRUE Grant assistance program is available for NJ residents on a first come, first serve basis. My district office is available to provide information and guidance for obtaining help from this program.

Who should apply?

- Customers with past due balances on their electric and gas accounts with utility service not disconnected
- That have made at least four payments of $25 or more in the last six months
- Are not eligible for the low income programs such as USF
- Meet the TRUE grant annual income cap listed on

Income Guidelines 2011
Annual income per client household

Household Size     Minimum                         Maximum
1                             $21,672                           $57,120
2                             $29,160                           $69,853
3                             $36,636                           $85,397
4                             $44,112                           $103,034
5                             $51,600                           $109,934
6                             $59,076                           $116,834
7                             $66,552                           $123,734
8                             $74,040                           $130,634
9                             $81,516                           $137,534

Please contact my office for more information or to pick up an application (908) 561-5757.

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