Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Letter from Senator Frank Lautenberg

Dear Jerry,

Republicans in Washington and Trenton - these days, it's hard to say which are worse.

Governor Christie and the Tea Party extremists in Washington share the same goal:  To dismantle the gains we've made in expanding women's and workers' rights, protecting retirement security and building strong public schools.

At a time when many Americans need help from government just to get by, Governor Christie and the Republicans in Washington are slashing and burning essential programs, while asking absolutely nothing from the very wealthy.

They're throwing women, workers, and seniors under the bus so billionaires can keep riding in style - and we need to fight back in Washington and here at home.

That's why I voted against the debt deal that came before the Senate last month.  It's a travesty to place the burden on balancing the budget on those most at risk in these challenging economic times while asking nothing from those who have the most.

Yet the Republicans in Washington are willing to end Medicare as we know it so the rich can keep their tax cuts, and Governor Christie has put New Jersey children at risk by vetoing a millionaire's tax to fund our schools.

This is no time to capitulate.  The debt ceiling deal and state budget fight are just the beginning - there will be many battles ahead as the GOP continues to pander to the Tea Party while leaving most Americans out in the cold.

The progressive gains we've made are at greater risk right now than ever before.  It's time for Democrats to start standing up and speaking out, right now.

Remember, these battles are far from over.  Check my website for updates on my efforts and news on these important issues.


Frank Lautenberg

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