Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Letter from Displaced Homemakers Network of New Jersey, Inc.

Dear Assemblyman Green,

On behalf of the Displaced Homemakers Network of New Jersey, Inc., the 15 centers statewide and women and children across the state, we would like to thank you for keeping our programs safe in the FY12 Governor's State Budget.  Our programs are working as hard as they can to help the women and the state of New Jersey accomplish economic success.  Some of our Displaced Homemakers Centers have been serving New Jersey women and their children for over 25 years.

Though our funding has essentially been cut over the last several years, we continue to use ingenuity and every ounce of energy and strive to help our women transition from devastating predicaments to self-sufficiency.  We help them see that there is hope when they see none.  We help them connect with other women in similar situations who become a much needed support system.  We help them by providing workshops with essential information, training and education to five them critical skills that lead to a brighter future.  We connect them with resources that help with a variety of needs.  We help them with their resumes, interview skills and job readiness and teach them networking and other job hunting skills.  For the small amount of money that New Jersey invests in our services there is a great return in revenue and success.  If we don't invest in education, job training, children and families our state will be poorly positioned for when prosperity returns.

Our programs run on very minimal funding and produce big results for Displaced Homemakers and their children.  Yes, Centers are understaffed, but in spite of this, the commitment and dedication of displaced homemaker service providers is remarkable! We "make things happen" - regardless of workload.  We empower women to "move on with their lives" ... emotionally, physically and educationally and the result is a better life for families - and "family" is what it's all about!  In addition to running cost-effective programs, statistics show that displaced homemakers become excellent employees ... employers across the State have recruitment partnerships with their local centers.  As a result, displaced homemakers become productive taxpayers who return money to the State of New Jersey.  And it usually happens quickly because of empowerment.

Please be assured that I will be monitoring the bill process on issues involving women and families.  I will remain vigilant to ensure that worthy programs such as ours receive a level of funding necessary to serve those in need.  Your understanding and support along with suggestions for best advocacy actions that we can take would be greatly appreciated.  We thank you again for your service to New Jersey during these challenging times.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  I will be glad to meet with you at your office at your convenience.  Thank you.


Cathi Rendfrey, Legislative Liaison
Displaced Homemakers Network of New Jersey, Inc.

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