Thursday, August 18, 2011

Christie's Failure of Leadership: Surrogates No Substitute As Ratings Agency Downgrades

(Trenton) - New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Wisniewski offered the following comment on the downgrade of the state bond rating by Fitch and the failure of the Governor, who sent surrogates to fight for New Jersey's financial future after lecturing others about there being no substitute for leadership.

"The most important job of any governor is ensuring the financial stability of the state," said Wisniewski.  "While the Governor can travel around the country campaigning for his Republican pals, spend days holed up leading a failed Republican redistricting effort and can even helicopter across the state for meetings with Iowa admirers, I'm shocked he couldn't make the trip to Manhattan to argue for our financial well-being.  That the governor would delegate this to staff is not only unbelievable, but could cost this state more money than any decision he has made to date. 

"In his endless search for scapegoats instead of solutions to our problems, Christie is fast becoming the most fiscally irresponsible governor in recent memory."

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