Monday, July 11, 2011

Wisniewski Statement on NJ Republican "Right to Work" Legislation

Trenton - New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman John Wisniewski today issued the following comments regarding Assembly Republican Declan O'Scanlon's "Right to Work" legislation.

"I applaud Speaker Oliver for making clear that the proposed Republican 'Right to Work' legislation is 'dead on arrival,'" said Wisniewski.

"Unfortunately, this is just one of the many right-wing assaults on workers rights by New Jersey Republicans. Democrats will stand shoulder to shoulder with middle-class families fighting these misguided attempts. Assemblyman O'Scanlon's legislation is the next step of the national Republican agenda to bust unions playing out right here in New Jersey.

"It's time Republicans stop focusing on scapegoating the workers who didn't cause these problems in the first place. But while they're busy finding someone else to blame, Democrats are developing real solutions that will help New Jersey's middle class families."

In a recent appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show, Chairman Wisniewski warned of the attempts to make New Jersey a right to work state as a coming line of attack from New Jersey Republicans.

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