Thursday, July 7, 2011

Letter From New Jersey State AFL-CIO

Thank You for Voting to Preserve Collective Bargaining

Your recent vote against legislation (A-4133/S-2937) that would eliminate the ability of public employees to bargain over their health care benefits was one of the strongest statements in support of workers' rights that an elected official could make. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is sincerely grateful to you and the other members of the State Assembly that voted against the bill and in support of collective bargaining. We recognize how critical of a vote this was and that there was pressure coming from many groups to either support or oppose. Your decision to oppose this bill will never be forgotten by our members.

Collective bargaining has been a part of a great American tradition and is fundamental to our Democracy. Through collective bargaining, the standard of living has been raised for all workers, not just unionized workers. Collective bargaining is about negotiating - similar to what members of the legislature do in their own caucuses. It's about trying to make progress for all parties involved through negotiations. You understand this and through your vote you have made a bold statement in support of the rights of workers in New Jersey and throughout the nation.

Again, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO thanks you and looks forward to standing with elected officials that stood with working families on this extremely important use.


Charles Wowkanech, President
Laurel Brennan, Secretary - Treasurer

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