Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dispelling Rumors, Exposing Truth

Reading Plainfield Today’s blog, I find it very interesting that Dan tries to tie me to an issue that I do not know anything about, in terms of the Council President’s concern about not getting information on time. As I will continue to speak out in the future on any issues that do not involve me directly, I was not part nor had any input on the WBLS broadcasting. So for Dan to try to tie me into this particular issue, I find it very insulting.

I was hoping that as we moved on into the future, my job would be to get people elected, as Party Chairman, and also represent those in the 22nd Legislative District as your Assemblyman. Rather than devoting my attention to local issues, I feel it is more important spending my time working in Trenton on behalf of Plainfield and the 22nd District. I like to feel I have done a good job as their representative.

Dan I feel I have been very fair, and whenever I mention you in my blogs, I try to give you the benefit of the doubt. But it is obvious that you are not happy when someone tries to give you respect. I find it very interesting that these charges you were charged with as of late, regarding you approaching a young man, making him feel uncomfortable as a man, are pending. And another complaint was filed by another young man, who you made feel very uncomfortable while using the restroom at one of our local stores.

You were fortunate enough twenty years ago for these types of charges to be dropped. But it is obvious that this last young man, who feels he has had enough of feeling uncomfortable whenever he is in your presence, has decided to pursue this matter in court. My understanding is that in the latter part of last month you pleaded innocent to these charges.

So it would seem that you would try and spend more time doing damage control with the embarrassment you have brought to the New Democrats, trying to correct a matter that is not a lie: you did go to court, you have pleaded innocent, so like any other person, you deserve your day in court. But you would rather drag the New Democrats and the City of Plainfield through the court system, wasting our taxpayer dollars, rather than accept the fact that whether it is true or not, you would feel as a person, that it is time to stop trying to use your ability as a writer to destroy other people, including myself.

I do not use the bathroom to watch other men, so I am very comfortable with that fact that I do not intimidate other men. Again, I am not accusing you of being innocent or guilty, but as you wrote in your blog, “…there were widespread rumors about Assemblyman Green putting pressure on the BOE to hire an attorney…,” which is not true.

Again, you use the word rumors. When you went to court and pleaded not guilty, that was not a rumor. So there is a big difference between a rumor and truth. You’re being charged with making another man feel uncomfortable while using the bathroom is not a rumor. This man has pressed charges and you have pled not guilty. So I will give you the benefit of the doubt, and you will have your day in court, wherein the judge will determine your innocence and guilt. You have used ‘rumors’, ‘rumors on the street’ to cast shadows on people. It is time you stop.

If you want to play the rumor game, let’s start now, because you cannot win. I am hoping you are found innocent because there are a lot of good people, especially within the New Democrat camp, that do not deserve this embarrassment.


For those who read my blogs across the State, unfortunately sometimes, locally speaking, there are some bloggers who spend all their time acting like a tabloid, rather than giving the public important information. Unfortunately, tabloids have an audience, and that audience has to also be feed the truth at some time.

So this is the only reason why I waste my time on them. I understand tabloids normally print what they consider the truth. They don’t print it as a rumor. A rumor can sometimes be just as dangerous as a lie. This is why I have to sometimes respond and lay the facts out, so that my readers do not become misled; especially by an individual who has been charged and entered a not guilty plea. I hope he is innocent and not have to go to jail, because it would not be healthy for him to be there.

I am not accusing him of being guilty and I am hoping that he is in fact, not guilty.

Dan, maybe I can recommend an attorney for you. Her name is Joan Van Pelt, an attorney here in Plainfield. She sat back while her young client pled guilty and spent twenty years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He was found innocent after spending twenty years in prison.

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