Friday, July 1, 2011

Coutinho & Moriarty Commend Restoration of Funding for Valuable After-School Program in Democratic Budget

(Trenton) - Assembly Democrats Albert Coutinho and Paul Moriarty released the following statements Wednesday on the Democratic plan to include a $3 million appropriation in the budget for New Jersey After 3, a valuable after-school program for children throughout New Jersey.

"The restoration of these funds is a victory for parents who rely on after-school programs to provide their children with a safe and academically enriching environment while they toll away at work," said Coutinho (D-Essex). "These programs are not just places where children can wait for their parents to be done with work; they are specifically modeled to improve student achievement which makes for stronger students, and stronger students make for a stronger New Jersey."

"While the Governor insists on undermining working parents, we know that after-school programs are a necessity for New Jersey families," said Moriarty (D-Gloucester/Camden). "Restoring funding for these programs not only allows working parents to continue to provide for their families, but it represents an investment in the educational success of all students in New Jersey."

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