Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Problems for E=mc²

I recently read a blog which the sponsor identified himself as e=mc². Is this individual playing Einstein mind-games with me, or is this a gang member using code? Whatever the case, I will be sure to correct their, what I perceive as, negative comments. All I did was ask a question, I am entitled to do so.

The individual mentioned that I was $22,000 off the mark regarding Belin-Pyles salary, which was $129,000 and the stipend which was $47,000, which equals by his math, $176,000. I just wanted to have an understanding as to how we arrived at $47, 000, and what the use of the stipend is.

The individual mentioned the Governor’s cap on Superintendents which is at 2%. So the differential in the $200,000 that I talked about, and in your post, you mentioned $22,000. You fail to mention however, are we paying her health insurance? I am pretty sure her health insurance is costing the City around $15,000. Does she have a car allowance? Does she have workshop allowances, which includes lodging and travel expenses, billed to the Board of Education?

So I am sure that after getting through all the perks that come with that position, we are talking about the ball park figure of around $200,000 that I mentioned earlier.

If anyone needs to do their homework e=mc², it is surely you.

Twelve years ago, I was very successful in helping Plainfield become an Abbott district, which on average, brings in $100 million a year. So that comes to over $1 billion of State funding for the education of Plainfield’s children. I take pride in bringing in money to Plainfield, which has helped with new construction on elementary schools, like Emerson. Also, a lot of money has been spent to upgrade our schools in the City. Just recently, I was able to get over $500,000 to repair the roof of the Plainfield High School.

When the Board of Education had problems in the past, whether academic or in general, I was able to work with the past superintendents in means of bringing resolve to district issues. So if you can show me that you have done more for the children in the City than what I have done, I would love for you to put it on paper for us.

I was not involved in the hiring of Dr. Gallon, nor was I involved in the firing of Dr. Gallon. There are some current Board members who thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. But, the minute he ran into trouble, they stabbed him in the back. I do not operate that way, which is why I cannot take any credit for his hiring or firing. I did not take a trip to Florida to interview him, and return singing his praises, telling us we must hire him. And yet, when trouble came, those same supporters stood on Fox News in opposition of him.

So before you start criticizing others, you should stand up and share with us your ideas and how you are going to move this City in the right direction. Yes, I am helping in working with the community to deal with crime, as well as the ability to bring jobs into the City.

Just recently, I stood up on behalf of the unions. I took a position on the issue. I did not hear you complaining about how unions were being mistreated. This last year the district lost $17 million in school construction funds.

So all the issues you are talking about, I take pride in helping to try and move this City in the right direction. I would love for you to share with me the ideas you have for the City as well as those things in which you have accomplished; I will be the first to congratulate you. But, as long as you choose to take the road of other bloggers and write negatively, I will respond to you in this manner.

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