Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24, 2011

Reading Doc’s blog today, we normally do not agree on issues, but I must agree with him when it comes down to some of the decisions that are being made at the Plainfield Board of Education.

Recently in one of his blogs, he publicly acknowledged that I am not responsible for the decisions being made at the BOE. He is probably the first person that has finally acknowledged that I do not run this City, nor do I make day-to-day operating decisions for the City. My job as Chairman of the local Party is to help Democrats get elected. That is the end of my relationship with these people. Plainfield voters vote the candidates into office. Once they are in office, they make their own decisions. 90% of that time, they are making the wrong decisions. When bad decisions are made, they are the first to blame me. So I am happy that Doc is finally putting the blame where it needs to go.

I would like my blog readers and Doc to know that I think the Board of Education, as well as the interim superintendent, need to explain to the public, not only the salary in which she is receiving as a interim superintendent, but also the $47,000+ that she will be receiving as a stipend.

When you get through with her salary, stipends and benefits, it will be well over $200,000. This seems to me like going over the 2% cap the Governor has mandated, which is why I am in contact with the State Department of Education regarding this issue. I want them to look at every aspect when it comes to financing at the Board of Education, so that the public can be reassured after taking all the cuts Plainfield has taken, that every dollar that should be going into educating our children, is being spent to educate our children. I feel that the extra money that is going to be in the budget, if the Governor supports it, is spent on our children, and not ‘sweetheart’ deals.

I am hoping that the message Doc sent out is one that everyone else in the City will begin to understand; that when something goes wrong, the local elected officials want to get amnesia and blame me, but my mind is made up with the support I received in June for the Chairmanship of the Party, that I will be holding every elected official accountable.

They spent years keeping their mouths quiet when I got blamed for the mistakes they made, rather than owning up to their mistakes. They allowed the community to believe that I ‘was the problem.’ Now I am prepared to move forward on the community’s side; if I see anything that I feel is being done incorrectly by any elected official, I have no problem going to the proper authority and community with that issue.

The difference in my approach versus theirs is that when I go to the community, I am going to put the blame where it rightfully needs to be put. I am not going to sit back and keep my mouth shut, allowing false blame to be placed on undeserving individuals.

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